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12210 Pulaski Highway Joppa, Maryland 21085
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The technicians at Iconic Window Tinting treat each visiting automobile the same way an expert tailor treats a client at a suit fitting. The process for applying tinted film is highly customized: a machine slices segments that fit the vehicle’s make and model before technicians adhere the film to windows, preventing visible gaps and fingerprints. Technicians avoid common pitfalls, such as rounded corners that don't cover the entire window and uneven, hand-cut film. The nonmetallic tints shield car interiors from the sun without disrupting radio or cell-phone signals, and a lifetime warranty guarantees that the film won't crack, turn purple, or bubble like a fruitless attempt at a science-fair volcano.

Because the business performs window-tinting services exclusively, even its setting is specialized. The garages maintain an optimal temperature for laying down the film, as well as an air-filtration system to guard against dust. Employees bring at least seven years of tinting experience to every car they service.


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