Hot Yoga By The Sea

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320 Uluniu Street Kailua, HI 96734
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Currently: Open
Mon-Sun: 6am - 8pm


Hot Yoga By The Sea is not your typical hot-yoga studio. Rather than offering traditional, 26-posture Bikram yoga, the studio allows its certified yoga instructors to base the types of classes offered on their individual specialties. Participants may choose from a variety of disciplines, including hot yoga, restorative hot yoga, hot hatha, and hot fusion yoga. The studio also eschews conventional heat sources in favor of infrared heat, which penetrates several inches into the body and is thought to enhance flexibility, reduce joint and muscle pain, and liquefy marshmallows hidden in pockets. The soothing thermal energy radiates off the hardwood floor and ceiling during each class, helping students glide into various poses.

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