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    Up to 81% Off Martial-Arts Classes or Party
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    94% Off Martial-Arts Classes at Go2Karate
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    Up to 76% Off Teeth Whitening and Cleaning
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1406 Northwest Vivion Road Kansas City, MO 64118


Impact Fitness helps customers build stronger and healthier bodies by providing access to a spacious facility filled with state-of-the-art equipment and an expert staff. Speed toward cardiovascular fitness on a True Fitness CS800 elliptical, equipped with a 15-inch touchscreen television to provide inspiration in the form of Alex Trebek’s chiseled upper half. Curl biceps, sculpt triceps, and strengthen shoulders with Hampton Fitness free weights, or pump up with a strength-training machine, such as the XXL-2930 Power Rack, part of Impact Fitness’s arsenal of TuffStuff equipment. Members can check their form and posture in the mirrored walls of the spacious exercise areas, or relive their Star Search days by crooning into a 2-pound free weight. Every cardio machine is equipped with a television with dedicated cable access and an iPod outlet, and 42-inch flat-screen LCD televisions placed throughout the gym ensure that workouts are as entertaining as they are effective.

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