Pow Wow School of Holistic Fitness

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707 West 47th Street Kansas City, MO 64112


Pow Wow School of Holistic Fitness' owner and lead instructor, Haley Zuvanich, began her yoga practice at the age of 12, when other kids were busy rescuing their baseballs from neighborhood boa constrictors. Over the next 14 years, her childhood experience with Bikram method expanded into trying a variety of yoga styles and spending 200 hours earning a teacher's certification from KC Fitness Link. Now, at the Unity Temple on the Country Club Plaza, Haley guides students of all experience levels through spiritual and physically challenging stretch sessions. In addition to the traditional Hatha and Vinyasa practices, Haley hosts creative classes where students follow guided relaxation with the artistic medium of their choice, such as journaling, painting, or sketching. Pow Wow School of Holistic Fitness also offers a variety of fitness and dance aerobics courses including Tai Chi and Qi Gong, Kung Fu, Zumba, and Nia.


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