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    Up to 73% Off CrossFit Classes
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    Up to 64% Off Ballroom Dance Lessons
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    Up to 67% Off at The Practice Yoga & Wellness
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    Up to 51% Off a Membership at The Rush Fitness
    Multiple Locations
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    Up to 55% Off at Adaptive Fitness Warehouse
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2124 Lyons Bend Road Knoxville, TN 37919


Rent2Ride outfits trail-trekkers and waterborne adventurers with the roaring engines of Honda Rancher ATVs and sleek, speedy hulls of personal watercraft. Latter-day conquistadors saddle up to off-road vehicles decked out with low centers of gravity for easy control, and electric power steering for better traction over stubborn wheel ruts or up the neighbor's spiral staircase. Sea-Doo and Yamaha wave-runners zip and plow through crystal waters and choppy surf alike with ferocious horsepower and responsive handling. Rent2Ride can cart their motorcrafts to clients' locations for an additional fee.

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