DirtVentures ATV Rentals

Van Allen Inn Rd. Woodstock, NH 03262


After six years of guiding thrill seekers through winter snowmobiling tours, SledVentures' team of White Mountain wayfarers decided to parlay their spirit for adventure into a year-round enterprise, establishing DirtVentures ATV Rentals and swapping snow-covered runs for the rugged terrain of spring, summer, and fall. A typical tour begins with a crash course in vehicle operation and safety before cruising through the trails of the New Hampshire mountains, including old carriage roads paved by some of the area's original settlers and sasquatches in search of sugar from the neighbors. Brief stops along the way allow amateur explorers to relax and take pictures of the burbling streams, mountainside panoramas, and tree-lined scenery that surrounds them at every turn. All riders must wear long-sleeve shirts, pants, and boots in order to operate DirtVentures' brand-new Brute Force 300 ATVs.

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