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610 N Coast Hwy, Ste 208 Laguna Beach, CA 92651


Bikram Yoga Laguna Beach's instructors, certified by the technique's creator, Bikram Choudhury, sculpt lean frames with strengthening postures performed in elevated temperatures, earning the attention of OC Lifestyle. They lead patrons of all skill levels through 90-minute Bikram yoga classes, bathing bodies in hot air, which helps to loosen limbs for deeper stretching and coaxes out beads of sweat to flush out toxins and internal snowmen. The 26 postures pair up with two breathing techniques to awaken slumbering organs and keep veins coursing with oxygen-rich blood as students bolster balance, strength, and flexibility. The wall-to-wall mirrors reflect the hard-working bodies, which are bathed in natural light flooding in through the white-walled studio's windows. After class, students may opt to capitalize on the studio's close proximity to the beach and cool off in the ocean one block away.

Private instruction pairs yogis with custom personal-training sessions to ensure guests practice proper technique, and private classes for groups bond coworkers, athletes, or groups of friends through focused movements.

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