Watermarc Grill

448 S Coast Hwy Laguna Beach, CA 92651


Wa-ter-mark (noun): a mark showing the greatest height. This simple definition sums up co-owner and head chef Marc Cohen's goal: to create a dining experience at the top of gourmands' to-do lists. The LA Times describes his whimsical culinary aesthetic as "…[a] distinctive stamp, one informed by a particular love of Mexican and Pacific flavors and an artistic flair." With fresh fish and seafood at the forefront, Cohen's culinary presentations are often lauded as edible works of art, much like Pollock's famous mustard splatter. Menus comprising 36 ”grazing plates” dabble in savory meats such as filet mignon and duck confit, with unusual accents of capers and orange butter, watermelon, and shishito peppers.

Because the presence of liquid is integral to a Watermarc, the restaurant offers a 239-point wine program with selections representing varietals from around the globe. With virtually every wall filled with windows, natural light floods the space, instilling steel-colored chairs and smoky-gray napkins with a rich shimmer and bartenders with glamorous farmers' tans.

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