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    Half Off at Aqua Restaurant & Lounge
    Lake Forest
    $30 $15 0.8 miles
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    40% Off Greek Food at Taverna Blu 
    Irvine Center
    $64 $39 1.6 miles
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    Up to 46% Off at Texas Pit Bar-B-Que
    Lake Forest
    $20 $11 1.7 miles
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    47% Off at All The Perks Espresso Café
    $30 $16 2.2 miles
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    47% Off Greek Food at Athena Gyros
    Laguna Hills
    $15 $8 3.2 miles
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    48% Off Mexican Cuisine at Tacos and Company
    Multiple Locations
    $25 $13 3.3 miles
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    45% Off Seafood, Tacos, and Kebabs at Yellowfin Fish Grill
    Multiple Locations
    $10 $5.50 4.7 miles
22972 Moulton Pkwy Laguna Hills, CA 92653


For more than 20 years, Noonerz' sandwichez have been handcrafted monumentz to the power of fresh ingredientz and thinly zliced cutz of meat. The lunch menu boasts a variety of sammies, including a veggie sandwich with grilled veggies, feta cheese, onion relish, and tomato. But floating ethereally above even its chicken-, roast-beef–, and tuna-salad–topped sandwiches is Noonerz' Our Favorite Turkey Sandwich, a melding of oven-roasted turkey, crisp bacon, avocado, onion relish, and mayo in rosemary ciabatta whose sheer deliciosity could change the world if used for good and not evil. Noonerz also offers hand-tossed salads and hand-wrapped wraps, along with a slew of side dishes and desserts. A complete lunch costs $7.99 and includes a sandwich, salad, or wrap along with a side and dessert. This Groupon is also valid toward Noonerz' globe-trotting catering menu.

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