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28892 Crown Valley Pkwy Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
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At Crown Valley Animal Care, the list of pet-saving services rivals that of any human hospital. In their tireless pursuit to keep pets healthy, dedicated veterinarians use modern technology on furry, fluffy, and rocky friends. Their laser surgery eschews traditional scalpels for highly precise cuts, while ultrasounds and digital radiology detect any potential inner problems. Professional groomers also comb through matted coats, restoring pooches to pristine condition. In addition to providing dentistry, wellness services, and an in-house laboratory for tests, the center’s staff furnishes warmer, fuzzier facilities as well.

Pet boarding suites provide ample room for dogs to lounge and play. Tiffany lamps, soft beds, and pedestals accommodate visiting cats—be they aristocats, blue-collar cats, or cats with any other color of collar.


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