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    62% Off Scuba-Certification Course
    Irvine Industrial Complex-East
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    Up to 86% Off Photography Package
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    50% Off Blacked Out Rims
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    Up to 75% Off Golf Clubs from Warrior Custom Golf
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    Up to 91% Off at Villari's Martial Arts
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    92% Off Spinal Package
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    Up to 74% Off Kickboxing Packages
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Some of Sea Stallion Scuba Outfitters's certified dive instructors fell in love with the ocean after moving to the West Coast from landlocked states, and others caught the diving bug on Caribbean vacations. But no matter how they came to love the sport, all of the instructors translate their passion into superior tutelage to help students earn their underwater independence through SSI-open-water-dive courses from beginner to instructor levels. These same staffers exercise their expertise to sell diving, snorkeling, and underwater-photography equipment from top industry brands, in addition to tweaking existing gadgets to ensure safe below-surface adventures. Though based in the Pacific Ocean, Sea Stallion encourages sea-hopping with yearly excursions to exotic locales, such as the Bahamas, Indonesia, the Philippines, and the recently discovered Eighth Sea.

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