Trade Route Brewing Co.

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    Up to 59% Off Yoga Workshops
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    Up to 64% Off Taekwondo Classes
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    50% Off Kids’ Bounce Sessions in Sumner
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    Up to 89% Off at Paintball International
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    Up to 84% Off Boot Camp
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    Arthur Murray Dance Studio – 82% Off Lessons
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    $432 $79 5.1 miles
1091 Valentine Ave SE Pacific, WA 98047


A taste of Northwest Brewing Company's beers is akin to a trip around the world. The brewery, formerly Trade Route Brewing Company, finds inspiration in the trade routes of old, which is why its brewmasters incorporate exotic ingredients such as ginger and palm sugar when crafting each batch with time-honored brewing methods. These eclectic flavors beget distinctive beers, such as the Mango Weizen, which stirs taste buds with Saaz hops and mango puree, and the Midnight ale, which splashes chocolate, crystal, and pale malts with two types of hops to create a dark brew that pairs well with spicy food and glow-in-the-dark steaks. Not content to keep their flavors in liquid form, Northwest Brewing Company also slings a menu of gastropub cuisine—including gourmet pizzas and cheese-slathered pasta dishes— backed by live music every Saturday night.


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