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1400 N Rampart Blvd, #103 Las Vegas, NV 89128


At Bodysport Fitness Center, highly trained instructors motivate pupils of all athletic abilities during high-intensity group boot-camp classes designed by experienced personal trainers. During each coed session, a barrage of full-body workouts replaces lazy fitness routines and helps build lean yet strong physiques. Each trainer adapts his or her program to fit the personalities and abilities of the students, and changes the regimen routinely to confuse muscles, enraging them until they get strong enough to do something about it.

Exercisers feed off each other’s energy during the fun 45-to-60-minute sessions, cultivating a group bond and camaraderie based on mutual success and encouragement. The recently revamped program may incorporate elements of kettlebells, free weights, kickboxing, and even yoga alongside classic boot-camp musts, including calesthenics, plyometrics, core workouts, and primal screaming. During comfortable weather, students work away excess calories in scenic outdoor parks and move into the gym’s 8,400-square-foot facility in cases of extreme heat.

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