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In his 12 years as a podiatrist specializing in reconstructive rear foot and ankle surgery, Dr. Lee Wittenberg kept hearing the same questions from his patients. They wanted to know what shoes they should be wearing, why one brand of shoe is better than another, and where they could find such footwear. Realizing he kept giving the same five-minute lesson over and over again, Dr. Wittenberg decided he could pick out the shoes himself and give his patients a one-stop location where they could find footwear that meets his rigorous standards. Shortly thereafter, he opened Dr. Footsie's.

Dr. Wittenberg applies his knowledge of pedal extremities to hand-select footwear and insoles proven to provide biomechanical support and comfort. Work-related shoes include clogs for nurses, dress shoes for businessmen, and slip-resistant shoes for slip 'n' slide operators.

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