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7141 S Eastern Ave Las Vegas, NV 89119


For 51 years, the pizza aficionados at Round Table Pizza have been mixing, kneading, and rolling out their pizza dough from scratch every morning. Cooks sling pies throughout the day, an aromatic process that begins when they slather disks in zesty tomato sauce, followed quickly by the application of premium aged cheeses, and finally a trip into the super-hot ovens that shimmer with heat and pride as they create a browned, bubbling masterpiece. The menu includes signature specialty pizzas such as the King Arthur's Supreme, a Mediterranean-inspired assemblage of pepperoni, green peppers, and italian dry salami unimpressed by its neighbors' slapstick antics. The Wombo Combo quickly earns a pass for its bizarre name with a mouthwatering combo of bacon, roma tomatoes, and artichoke hearts.


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