The Cupcakery

9680 S Eastern Ave Las Vegas, NV 89123


Unlike newborn farm animals, cupcakes remain adorable, well-behaved house pets who’ll never grow up to destroy your furniture. Devoted to decadent, fresh ingredients, The Cupcakery's bake staff crafts the celebrated cream-crested cakes by hand daily. Choose from more than 20 varieties, including seasonal and limited-edition flavors, to create a tasty six-pack. Like sharks swimming to stay alive, the expert buttercreamers at The Cupcakery churn, mix, and frost new recipes to satisfy a stream of hungry customers and celebrities, including Fergie, Lance Bass, and Avril Lavigne. Elvis aficionados will appreciate the Trip to Graceland, a chunky peanut-butter cake crested with creamy banana frosting, rolled in applewood-smoked bacon, and swirled with honey. Or keep it simple with the signature Tickle Me Pink, a classic white cake with pink buttercream frosting. Other options include Southern Belle (red velvet with cream-cheese frosting), Strawberry Lemonade, and Cherrylicious.

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