Landmark Skate Center

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701 SE Oldham Pkwy Lees Summit, MO 64081


Landmark 2 Skate Center evokes memories of a bygone American era when you could take your best gal out to the roller rink, buy her a shake at the soda fountain, and text her goodnight on the wooden cell phone you whittled yourself. The skating facility exudes an old-school, family-friendly charm, especially with its shimmering disco balls, collection of stand-up arcade games, and plastic booths that are Coke-label red. Skaters of all ages can glide across the sprawling rink, practicing turns with sleek blades and making lazy figure-eights with classic skates. Meanwhile, staffers bustle about behind the snack bar, doling out snacks and soda pops. Come Saturday night, a live DJ ramps things up a notch, filling the air with upbeat tunes and pop hits. Four times a year, the large skate center offers skating classes for both beginner and intermediate students.

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