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3300 Running Creek Way Lehi, UT 84043


"Health comes from within, not from a bottle." It is with this statement—emblazoned on his practice's website—that Doctor of Chiropractic Mark Aldridge sums up his medical philosophy. The bottle refers not only to medication, but also to invasive procedures prescribed for ailments that Dr. Aldridge believes chiropractic care is better suited to treat. Chiropractic medicine seeks to restore the body to its highest functioning state, with the belief that in this state, the body's ability to self-heal is strong enough to eliminate a number of afflictions. Through diagnosing and correcting blockages and misalignments in the body's nervous system and spinal cord, Dr. Aldridge seeks to relieve patients of a host of maladies, including chronic headaches, allergies, and painful bouts of human origami.

After graduating from Brigham Young University and Cleveland Chiropractic College, Dr. Aldridge spent nearly a decade practicing in Virginia before he and his wife relocated their family of four sons, one daughter, and one wisecracking alien to Lehi. His new practice affords patients parallel care in both chiropractics and massage therapy. The two fields share a holistic approach to treating health issues, and massage therapy further complements chiropractics by working to improve circulation, relieve tension, and reduce toxins in the body.

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