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    Right Weigh Fitness
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    50% Off Services
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    Up to 61% Off at Integrative Fitness Pilates
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    Up to 77% Off Personal Training
    Lower Makefield
    $150 $35 4.7 miles
5921 Bristol Emilie Rd Levittown, PA 19057


Lorean, Open Center Yoga’s seasoned leader, sits crossed-legged on the glossy wood floor, focusing her breath before leading yogis of all levels through her lineup of flexibility-building classes. She guides students in setting their intentions—points of focus to transfer from yoga to day-to-day life, such as calming one’s mind, becoming more adaptable to change, or harnessing enough will power to finally beat Donkey Kong—to connect spiritually to the practice. The classes can include visualizing chakras and channeling energy. Throughout the 75-minute sessions, students build muscle and increase their flexibility while flowing through the fluid postures, and workshops offer a more spiritual experience in which students meditate using deep, even breaths to quiet anxious thoughts and assuage tension.


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