5580 Sunset Blvd Lexington, SC 29072


Ganbei is a Japanese word often said before downing a drink, the same way Americans would say "cheers!" Like its namesake phrase, Ganbei the restaurant conjures an open, congenial atmosphere. The dining room’s modern design lends itself to vibrant nightlife: behind a sleek black bar, liquor bottles glow against a backdrop of neon-green lights; neon-blue chandeliers, like the night’s most dedicated partygoers, dangle from the ceiling.

But the most impressive decor arrives on the stark white plates of the restaurant's menu. Sauces drizzle at angles across specialty rolls such as the Godzilla, a bundle of tempura shrimp, cucumber, cream cheese, and avocado sprinkled with tempura flakes. Sweet shrimp erupt out of the center of a plate, positioned at an angle, and wooden boats creak with the weight of expertly cut sashimi.

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