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    Kentucky Reining Cup — 59% Off Two Tickets
    Alltech Arena at Kentucky Horse Park
    $44 $18 0.2 miles
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    $11 for Chinese Food at Happy Panda
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    Half Off CPR Class
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4083 Iron Works Parkway Lexington, KY 40511


Every July, a crowd of people and horses press down the lush grasses of Kentucky Horse Park. The occasion is BreyerFest, a model-horse festival hosted by Breyer Animal Creations (known for purveying handcrafted model horses). Equine enthusiasts funnel into the park and disperse across the grounds to participate in a daily array of family-oriented activities. Aside from more than 40 live-horse exhibitions, attractions include crafts, pony rides, a petting zoo, face-painting booths, and a magic show. Each year's festival is marked by a theme that influences the breed and origin of the horses on display.