Chevy Chase Coin Laundry

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315 S Ashland Ave Lexington, KY 40502


Seven days a week, the partner laundromats hum with the whirring of high-efficiency washers and dryers. Boasting more than 30 years of business, the Chevy Chase location fields a skilled staff that erases blights from duds with 46 single, double, and triple-load washers and 28 dryers, and enables patrons to convert bills into coins with convenient onsite change machines. The laundromat purveys soap, bleach, and fabric softeners. The staff augments this shopping-while-washing experience by entertaining waiting guests with video games, complimentary WiFi, and—remarkably—a standup tanning bed, inside of which, naturally, is a comedian. Alternatively, the Suds 'N Duds location boasts advanced credit-card-operated machinery that washes loads of up to 90 pounds at a time in as little as 40 minutes and treats freshly bathed garments to a complimentary dry. The laundromats also grant customers a free dry with every wash and offer reward points, which—when saved up—can be exchanged for money to use on washing machines and drying machines.

In addition to self-service laundry, both locations offer same-day drop-off services. Their professional staff sorts, washes, and dries clothing using premium detergent and softeners before folding them into neat piles or intricate seersucker airplanes.

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