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1919 South 40th Street Lincoln, NE 68506


Eyelashes are one of Tiffany Baustert's specialties. The licensed aesthetician painstakingly applies NovaLash eyelash extensions to help women looking to fill out depleted lash lines, cut down on their morning makeup routines, or walk down the aisle without their tears of joy sending streaks of mascara down their cheeks. It's all part of what Baustert sees as her primary mission as an aesthetician: to make women feel better about themselves.

To the same end, Baustert offers several services designed to address blemishes. Microdermabrasion and chemical peels can lessen scarring and damage left by acne and other skin woes, and Baustert's newly mastered microneedling technique promotes the body's natural collagen production. Baustert has spent much of her life in and around the beauty industry and is proud of the clinical precision and clear, medical-grade results her work can achieve.

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