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    73% Off Yoga-Inspired Barre Fitness Classes
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    50% Off Yoga at Health Movement LLC, inside Seasons Salon
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Mark Stasinos is no stranger to the decisive slash of a saber. Beginning his fencing training in Europe nearly 40 years ago, Mark eventually imported his talent to the United States, where he served as the vice president of the United States Fencing Association. He also founded the fencing program at BYU, where he taught Julie Seal, an athlete who now owns more national titles than most Olympic jousters. Thanks to Stasinos' guidance, Seal took home multiple Division I gold medals in both foil and saber.

Since Salle D'Escrime's inception in 1988, Mark and his resident teachers have also churned out a few more national champs by relying on their signature method—gradually ushering pupils toward more difficult techniques and pitting them against village ogres in a no-holds-barred round of charades. The progressive process fosters fast improvement during both all-ages group classes and private lessons.

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