Stonebriar Polo Club

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505 Yacht Club Road Oak Point, TX 75068


Lined with scenic crape myrtle trees and pampas grass, Stonebriar Polo Club's regulation-size polo field stretches an expansive 48,000 square yards to host the fast-paced and challenging sport atop trained steeds. Equestrian instructors inaugurate students to the basics of polo in both private and group lessons, creating an intimate social setting to better learn the rules of the game and to reduce horses’ stage fright. Tailoring lessons to the level of comfort riders have in the saddle, instructors prepare students for the game with lessons on the rules of polo, mallet work, horse commands, and scoring. The club spans 60 scenic acres, augmenting the playing field with a Spanish-style pavilion ideal for watching games, socializing, and taking bets on which horses are two undercover journalists in costume.

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