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    Up to 75% Off at W.O.W. Fitness
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    94% Off Martial-Arts Classes
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    Up to 67% Off at Fitness 4 U of Little Rock
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    54% Off Stroller Strides Fitness Classes
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    Up to 69% Off Ballet-Barre Boot Camp
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    Up to 57% Off Membership at Life Lite Fitness Club
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5523 Mabelvale Pike Little Rock, AR 72209


Certified trainer and W.O.W. Fitness founder Kameelah Wesley was never into athletics. But she did want to live a long and healthy life, so she enlisted the services of a personal trainer. The transformation she witnessed was beyond anything she ever imagined. It was this intense personal experience that opened her eyes to a greater social epidemic: obesity. That’s when she decided to begin her war on excess weight, and W.O.W. was born.

Kameelah’s fitness programs emphasize functional strength training with a focus on proper form and stability. These principles are carried out in four-week boot camps, personal-training sessions, and cardio dance classes performed with a host of free weights, stability balls, ellipticals, and heavy bagpipes. In addition to fitness training, Kameelah and her team assist students with diet plans and lifestyle coaching.

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