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7301 West Bowles Avenue Littleton, CO 80123


With the help of Shakespeare Golf, bunker-dwelling wedge-wielders and rough-slashing excursionists can finally bring balance to their game without the use of a 15-foot tightrope-walking pole. As a former Nationwide Tour professional, Greg Shakespeare draws on more than 30 years of steady-handed golf expertise to iron out swing kinks with the devastating energy efficiency of a solar-powered steamroller. By working with scores of current pro and amateur players alike, Greg has developed an efficient instruction regimen that molds loose-swinging players into taut, ball-launching bazookas. Students will benefit from effective practice drills that help them uncover their own game-changing swing, plus a video analysis that lets them see for themselves exactly what point in their follow-through elicits a sad trombone sound. Finally, instruction on proper practice methods and the psychology of golf will help ensure continued success, as well as nurture the ability to psych out opponents with casual quips about their outfits.

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