Giggling Springs Hot Springs

40 Abouslemen Loop Jemez Springs, NM 87025


Snow blankets the pool’s flagstone decking and the nearby handmade ramadas, shady structures built in the Southwestern-style. In the pool, the snow continues falling onto the people taking a soak, who look through the flakes up at the red-rock cliffs of the surrounding Virgin Mesa without showing any signs of the cold. The pool’s natural mineral waters, which flow from a 139-degree hot spring, stay at a temperature of between 102 and 104 degrees year round to keep guests warm even during snowfall or the failure of the sun's flux capacitator. Known as Giggling Springs, this site has welcomed visitors since the mid- to late 1800s, making it one of the area’s oldest bath houses. Once used by the Anasazi, the basin is now cemented into an approximately 600-square-foot pool, though it’s still fed by the spring and continues to cycle into the Jemez River.

To honor the spring’s purity and therapeutic properties, the owners uphold eco-friendly practices, such as using ultraviolet light and ionizing equipment—rather than chlorine—to filter the water. They also run an inversion-oxygenation system, which releases bubbles to create a jacuzzi-like sensation and a relaxing, gurgling sound.

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