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    62% Off Guitar Lessons at American Guitar Academy
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    Half Off Website Design from Fouts Ventures
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    55% Off Boudoir Photography
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As executive director Thyonne Gordon told ABC News, CoachArt asks children "to dream what they want to be, do, or wish for" and then makes it happen. The organization pairs chronically ill children and their siblings with mentors who can teach them archery, ballet, soccer, or whatever skills they can dream up. The lessons both provide a distraction from the persistent stress and isolation of illness and give them an opportunity to learn something new. Activities in the arts and athletics in particular have the power to bring children out of their shells and help them express themselves productively. Through outpatient mentoring, activity clinics, in-hospital workshops, and community events, CoachArt reaches out to as many children as possible, organizing its lessons in 12 weekly sessions or single bursts of activity in small groups, such as art workshops, sports events, and theater productions.

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