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    Up to 51% Off Hair Extensions or Haircut
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    50% Off Services
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    85% Off In-Office Teeth Whitening
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    50% Off
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    Up to 59% Off Brazilian Waxing at CharLi Beauty Bar
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5001 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, California 90036


Offering treatments that span 5,000 years of health care, the multitalented team at Dr. Midas Medical Group can alleviate ailments with everything from acupuncture, which originated in China five millennia ago, to modern laser technology. Their range of services also treats a wide variety of issues. The board-certified physicians and nurses can just as readily smooth wrinkles with Botox and other dermal fillers, as wield physique-contouring cold lasers, which liquefy fat in hard-to-tone areas. Meanwhile, acupuncturists insert their hair-thin needles into bodies at key points, addressing maladies such as infertility, unwanted weight, and blocked energy pathways. To complement the clinic’s noninvasive services, the staff also performs plastic-surgery treatments, which range from liposuction to face-lifts to setting broken Barbie arms.

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