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    Up to 94% Off Body Analysis and Personal Training
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    Up to 57% Off Personal Training
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    Up to 70% Off Energy Healing
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    Half Off Hypnosis
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    Up to 52% Off Teeth Whitening at Smile Labs
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    Half Off Sleep-Therapy Consultation
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    51% Off Yoga Classes
    West Los Angeles
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10587 W Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90064


Old, tired, and done: these words are banished from Martha Weinstein's vocabulary. The energetic 87-year-old's career, which includes hosting makeover shows in Buenos Aires, recording a fitness album in the 1950s, and penning skincare encyclopedias in the 1970s, adds evidence to the adage that you are as young as you feel. She brings this belief to Body Allure Day Spa, an intimate beauty haven.

Here, Weinstein and her skilled staffers—who nicknamed her "The Oracle of Brentwood"—employ anti-aging facials and signature skincare services, detoxifying body treatments, and soothing lullabies to foster youthful complexions. But the real rejuvenating secret on the menu is the facial toning treatment, which Weinstein invented herself. This painless, 30-minute service utilizes nanocurrent technology, which works to stimulate cellular activity while strengthening facial muscles and firming sagging skin. Weinstein also created the Stay Young System, which allows her clients to perform the treatment in the privacy of their own homes or carpool lanes.

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