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3440 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90010


To promote wellness, Wilshire Spa gathers earthly elements believed to have healing properties, designs entire rooms around them, and then heats them to soothing temperatures. Cozy quarters lined with mineral salt help enhance the skin's oxygen absorption, whereas rooms of pure onyx are designed to improve metabolism and relieve muscle stiffness. The mid-temperature charcoal room, meanwhile, provides a quiet space in which to meditate and detoxify, and surrounds patrons with yellow ocher imported from Korea. After spending time in each room, guests can reinvigorate themselves or test the resolve of their mood ring by plunging into a cold bath.

The spa further encourages renewal through massages and facials. Its signature massage combines a Korean full-body scrub, a Swedish-inspired mineral-oil massage, and a shampoo and conditioning treatment for the hair, as well as a cucumber facial mask and warm dip in a milk bath. The decor also serves up tranquility: Renaissance-style murals and an abundance of pink orchids create a sense of calm, and the women's lounge area features pale-green walls crisscrossed by white outlines resembling trees.

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