Buffalo Wings and Rings

2610 Chamberlain Ln Louisville, KY 40245


As its name subtly hints, this sports-bar chain prides itself on signature onion rings and nine flavors of buffalo wings that come big, boneless, breaded, and range from mild to atomic on the tongue-melting scale. Beyond wings, the menu is a study in classic sports-bar Americana, with burgers, quesadillas, and that most American of late-night snacks: Greek gyros.

Buffalo Wings & Rings diverts diners' attention from their sauce-covered fingers with TVs airing sports and enough space for a herd of buffa-chickens to graze. The boisterous atmosphere also makes Buffalo Wings & Rings the ideal environment for talking loudly, trading high-fives, and second-guessing the coach's decision to wear pleats when the whole league has switched to flat fronts.


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