Corey Taylor's Golf Performance Institute

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1800 Elite Dr. Louisville, KY 40223


Professional football player Corey Taylor always knew he was born to fling the pigskin, but it wasn’t until a serious knee injury that he discovered his true passion was coaching. It was during this time off the field when Corey began working as a performance coach at the Institute for Sports and Medicine, developing an appreciation and talent for the work while earning his credentials. Even after returning to football, Corey continued to work as a trainer at sports-performance facilities around the US for years.

Today, Corey teams up with a staff of fellow fitness aficionados to conduct a variety of sports-training and fitness programs at his facility. The coaches have trained athletes from all walks of life and disciplines—from youngsters to professional-football players to champion MMA fighters. Amidst the advanced training equipment of local fitness facilities, the trainers lead challenging workouts designed to enhance speed and agility, build strength, and prevent injuries. They also strive to impart mental techniques for performing under pressure, whether on the field, in the ring, or at a karaoke bar alongside professional Freddy Mercury impersonators.


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