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    51% Off Computer Repair
    $90 $44 0.5 miles
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    91% Off Photo Shoot from Portrait Scene
    Multiple Locations
    $218 $19 2.0 miles
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    Up to 53% Off Computer Repair
    $40 $19 2.2 miles
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    Up to 53% Off DVD Transfers at Copy Cat Video
    $25 $12 2.3 miles
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    56% Off an Introductory Digital Photography Class
    $90 $40 2.6 miles
135 West River Road Louisville, KY 40202


In 1987, Brian McInerney was careening around Italy in a four-wheel, multipassenger Surrey cycle. An avid cyclist, he fell in love with this quirky contraption that he'd never seen in the United States, and he immediately sought out the manufacturer and purchased a crate of them. Wheel Fun Rentals traces its origin to this very moment, as Brian changed his surrey-distribution company into a rental and tour company that spans the nation. In spite of a general suspicion of unicycles and their ulterior motives, the company's corporate philosophy espouses "Supporting active healthy lifestyles for our customers and maintaining a healthy environment for all." Wheel Fun's fleet of rentals now includes bicycles, multipassenger Surreys, scooters, surfboards, and paddle-based watercraft. The company also promotes green communities by offering free rentals to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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