Jumbo Joe's Burger

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3218 34th St Lubbock, TX 79410


Jumbo Joe’s grills succulent burgers, hot dogs, and chicken alongside crispy french fries and refreshing desserts. Tongues treated to the chili cheeseburger delight in its blend of beans and spicy meat ($5.94), and a bounty of burgers, drinks, and fries for four ($21.99) tickles palates with a combination as classic as jury duty and feigning illness. An unassuming steak adopts the persona of poultry in the chicken-fried steak ($7.29). Bolster the eatery’s large-portioned entrees with a helping of french fries ($2.45), or punctuate meals with an ice-cream shake ($2.99) in strawberry, vanilla, or ice-cream varietals. Jumbo Joe’s welcomes diners to enjoy a leisurely meal indoors or to speed cars or low-flying hovercrafts past the drive-thru until 10 p.m.