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    Up to 52% Off Brazilian Waxing
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    Up to 57% Off OPI Gel Color Manicures at Jackie Rays Studio
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    Up to 54% Off Eyelash Extensions
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    45% Off
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1437 Richmond Rd Cleveland, OH 44124


When Dr. Naeemah Lewis looks at teeth, she sees the entire face. In her eyes, teeth are more than just appliances for chewing food. They are support structures that hold up the lower part of the face, contributing significantly to a person’s overall appearance. With this outside-in approach to orthodontia, Dr. Lewis is able to carefully consider facial aesthetics, shape, and balance before designing an orthodontic plan. This first step in designing an orthodontia plan is crucial because the results of orthodontic treatment, like the highest-quality haircuts, can last a lifetime.

Dr. Lewis outfits her warm purple-and-blue office with advanced orthodontic technology. Digital x-rays reveal the hidden positions of roots while reducing radiation, and fully digital displays looks out for the environment by eliminating the need for paper.

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