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Nobody should have to suffer through a workout, say the fitness pros who helm Studio Thrive. So, to make exercise as enjoyable as possible, they design group classes that are fun, social, and suitable for all skill levels. Most instructors bring an extensive dance background to the classroom, filling classes such as Zumba and TRX. Personal-training sessions often center on functional-training tools such as TRX suspension straps and kettlebells, both of which foster flexibility and core strength. In addition to designing highly customized workouts, certified personal trainers perform body-composition analyses and fitness assessments to track their clients' progress.

When they're not leading classes or personal-training sessions, Studio Thrive's staffers host private Zumba parties in the spacious studio, lined with oversize mirrors, a polished wooden floor, and a cobalt-blue ceiling. Upon request, they can also bring Zumba sessions to offices, apartment buildings, or painfully quiet libraries.

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