Bandung Indonesian Restaurant

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600 Williamson St Madison, WI 53703


Named for the famous city on the island of Java, Bandung is the only Indonesian restaurant in Madison—and only one of a handful in the Midwest. Specializing in traditional Indonesian recipes as well as fusion dishes, Bandung offers vegetarian- and carnivore-friendly menu items to perk up mouth bungalows with flavorful furnishings. Start off with appetizers such as the krupuk bawang putih (garlic chips made with tapioca flour, $1.25) and pangsit goreng, which combines green onions and water chestnuts in a crispy wonton wrap with your choice of tofu ($4.25) or chicken and shrimp ($5.25). Main dishes include opor ayam, which bathes taste buds in a silky coconut broth containing bamboo shoots, lemon grass, and marinated chicken ($7.95 for lunch, $10.95 for dinner), and nasi goreng super, a super-powered fried rice that mixes garlic, candlenut, and shallots with sambal (a chili-based paste), veggies, and the meat of your choice ($7.95 for lunch, $10.95 for dinner). Nearly all dishes can be changed to accommodate allergy needs or vegan requests. During or after dinner, crack open your miniature party umbrellas to celebrate Bandung's new touch-screen cocktail menu and try the Long Island Thai tea ($6), which packs the same punch as a Long Island but is wrapped in creamy Thai tea for a bruise-free wallop.