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The birth of a child is one of the most important events in a parent's life, but key moments in a baby’s first year often pass by undocumented. To relive those moments, parents must rely entirely on their memories, which are almost impossible to send as email attachments. Or they can work with Funky Monkey Photography's owner, Justyna Nielsen. Justyna uses her camera to capture what she calls birth stories: photographic narratives that showcase important first moments, such as the first time parents cradle their newborn. Additionally, she captures more memories as children grow, shooting sessions for toddlers, older kids, and the entire family.

Of course, Justyna and her focused lens can't be around for every important family event. Luckily, the expert teaches her secrets during photography classes. She can help small groups of students learn essential camera skills—such as manipulating ISO and shutter speed—as well as the best techniques for photographing kids.