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3545 University Ave Madison, WI 53705


During a patient’s first visit to Madison Ayurveda and Massage, owner Sabrina Henderson conducts an in-depth, two-hour consultation, during which she reviews the patient’s diet, stress level, and daily routine. “It’s about getting to know you, not just on a superficial level,” says Henderson. “I look at [your] whole life structures.” Such personalized attention is central to her practice of ayurveda, a thousands-year-old medical tradition that emphasizes each body's uniqueness.

During sessions, Henderson draws on her training in ayurveda's ancient healing techniques, as well as her experience as a licensed massage therapist, to design personalized, holistic treatments for each client. Her recommendations may include restorative treatments such as massage therapy or energy work such as reiki and marma therapy, an ayurvedic form of acupressure. To aid carefully customized relaxation, she administers treatments in private rooms replete with gentle music, essential-oil heaters, and doves softly cooing the patient's name.


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