Jewish Academy of Orlando

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    Up to 58% Off Private Music Lessons
    Maitland Exchange Condominiums
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    55% Off Piano Lessons at Mister Bass Clef Music
    Altamonte Springs
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    Up to 62% Off Children's Music Instruction
    Multiple Locations
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    50% Off Photography Classes
    On Location
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    Up to 67% Off an Extensions or Salon-Leadership Course
    Altamonte Springs
    $750 $250 4.4 miles
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    Half Off Piano Lessons at Gayle's Piano School
    Baldwin Park
    $100 $50 5.3 miles
851 N Maitland Ave Maitland, FL 32751


The Jewish Community Center of Greater Orlando was founded to give those who share the Jewish tradition a communal setting in which to exercise, play, and learn with one another. Between them, the two locations boast full fitness facilities, tennis courts, and an outdoor pool. Group exercise classes and a gymnasium aid adults in acquiring fitter bodies, and sports leagues provide a venue for grownups to compete and ceremoniously dump sports drinks on each other. The center also puts on its own full-blown theatrical productions.

The center’s staff tailors certain events to the needs of senior citizens, helping them with exercise regimes such as yoga. Staff members also assist the Senior Nite club in organizing trips to new restaurants or the theater and help pintsize guests by helming a preschool, kids' camps, and extracurricular programs. Staffers can even pick up youngsters from school and ferry them to one of the facilities for afterschool development programs, which, like backyard mazes, are designed by the child’s parents to challenge young ones.

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