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12619 Galveston Ct Manassas, VA 20112


UFC Gym's staff features a team of professional fighters who come from backgrounds as boxers, mix martial artists, professional Muy Thai fighters, and Bruce Banners at its many area locations.The proprietary style of the UFC Gym workout is a mixture of genuine fight training and engaging fitness routines, designed to help clients use fitness techniques to reach their health goals. Clients can burn 800 to 1,000 calories during these total-body routines, which combine external inspiration and jukes, jabs, and kicks that the instructors demonstrate as students practice techniques on 150-pound punching bags. The facility includes a regulation-sized boxing ring, quarter octagon, full weight room, cardio equipment, and showers for both men and women. Session sizes are kept small, ensuring personal attention and manageable battle-royale numbers.

Like UFC Gym, the boxing arena is no slouch when it comes to fitness: fight-centric gyms ditch the polished look of wood-floored workout studios for gritty, competitive spaces filled with 150-pound punching bags and intense workouts. Like a baker molding gingerbread men, UFC Gym sculpts six-packs with boxing, kickboxing, and mixed-martial-arts classes, and additionally, most experience boosted self-confidence after conquering their first class. Private training sessions further stoke courage with workouts that leave patrons with the exhilaration of having survived 12 rounds in the ring or five minutes in a high-school lunchroom.

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