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    Up to 88% Off Catalyst Boot Camp or Kids' After-School Fitness
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    Up to 65% Off Martial Arts Classes with Uniform
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    Up to 75% Off Thai Kickboxing or Jiu-Jitsu Classes 
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    Up to 67% Off Personal Training at Anytime Fitness Manchester
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    Half Off an Indoor Rock-Climbing Package for Two
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    51% Off Body-Care Treatment
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    Up to 64% Off at Dragon Karate
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Muvement is as much a gym as it is a physical-fitness lab. Certified strength and conditioning specialist Michael Houle and Jill Houle, who holds a BS in nutritional science, team up to invest clients with practical workout regimens and an intimate knowledge of how the body works on a physiological level. Before new clients lift their first weight at the studio, a personal trainer consults with them about their exercise and health history and runs physical assessments and lab tests to identify potential obstacles related to the immune, digestive, hormonal, and detoxification systems. Next, Jill draws on her background as a professional nutritionist to recommend a diet suited to the client’s unique metabolism, and explains how the body breaks down calories and nutrients. Even their fitness regimens take a holistic approach. Whether in group or personal-training sessions, functional movements using resistance bands, TRX suspension, and kettlebells incorporate multiple muscle groups and joints into each exercise, building a physique more balanced than two eggs riding a seesaw during the spring equinox.

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