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    87% Off Pola Advanced In-Office Teeth Whitening
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521 Park Ave New York, NY 10065


Dr. Kevin Tehrani's vast knowledge of plastic surgery keeps him in demand––he's a published author, an international speaker, an assistant clinical professor at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, and a go-to source for publications such as New Beauty magazine. But all this activity doesn't keep him from his patients. He typically spends an hour with them during their initial consultations, answering their questions, reviewing images of them on a computer, and projecting what they'd look like if they were made of pixels. Sometimes these consultations lead to cosmetic surgery, and sometimes Dr. Tehrani and his patients instead turn to such non-invasive aesthetic equipment as the Zeltiq CoolSculpting system. Ever the innovator, Dr. Tehrani launched an iPhone app called iLipo, which helps patients to alter their image on the spot to see how a given treatment will transform their body.


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