Izakaya DoDomPa

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71 Clinton Street New York, New York City 10002


A ceiling of exposed brick isn't the only thing that throws off diners' bearings when they enter Izakaya DoDomPa; the eatery's menu of authentic Japanese- and Korean-style pub fare leads guests to wonder if they've traveled across the Pacific without noticing. In addition to freshly sliced sashimi and orders of pan-fried yakisoba noodles, the cooks skewer cubes of pork belly and heap balls of octopus into miniature hot pots. Meanwhile, the bartenders keep spirits high with their drafts of Japanese beer, pours of sake, and shochu cocktails that incorporate flavors such as fresh grapefruit and peach.

Opposite the rustic wooden bar, a row of tables lines a wall beneath a collection of painted portraits and empty sake bottles. At the far end of the bar, one wall sports small scraps of paper from floor to ceiling, recounting the entire plot of the fifth season of Friends in kanji.


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