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    Up to 53% Off Burlesque Workshop
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    Up to 72% Off Nutrition Planning Services
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    Up to 87% Off Eye Exam and Glasses
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    Up to 71% Off Women’s Kickboxing at Hip + Fit
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    Up to 56% Off Personal-Training Sessions
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15 W 84th St New York, NY 10024


As a board-certified anesthesiologist and licensed aesthetic physician who has even trained in cosmetic acupuncture, Dr. Roxana B. Kerns, M.D. is well-versed in nearly every type of anti-aging treatment. There's one she doesn't offer, however—invasive surgery. That's because she's mastered a range of techniques that accomplish what was once only achieved through surgical procedures.

For example, instead of subjecting patients to the pain of rhinoplasty or blepharoplasty, Dr. Kerns is able to smooth out the nose's profile with injectable fillers and banish dark circles under the eyes with fat-transfer techniques and laser treatments. She was also selected as an expert injector by the National Laser Institute, making her uniquely qualified to administer Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin injections that target fine lines on the face. Orchid Aesthetics also features an arsenal of laser technology designed to mend aesthetic issues of all types, including wrinkles, sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, unwanted hair, and spider veins.

In her quest to stamp out sun damage, Dr. Kerns recently developed her own line of organic skincare formulas that hydrate, boost collagen production, and reflect UV rays away from the face and onto the nearest pool party.

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