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Paul, a former marine, and Sara, a globetrotting expert in yoga, founded Vegan Yoga Boot Camp with a common goal in mind: achieving wellness through holistic practices. To this end, the duo leads 30- and 60-minute boot camps that merge yoga and high-intensity interval training. Held at dawn and dusk amid the splendor and mischievous pixies of Manhattan parks, the camps vacillate between both types of exercise to lengthen and strengthen bodies. The two instructors captain workouts in tandem, but at different levels of intensity, allowing students to progress toward fitness at their own pace.

Vegan Yoga Boot Camp's plant-based diet plans enhance its exercise regimes. Though participants are encouraged to cut out meat altogether, Sara and Paul will work with steadfast carnivores to augment animal proteins with garden-reaped nutrition. Boot camps also include support in the form of podcasts, videos, emails, and blog posts, as well as meal plans and recipes, but patrons can enjoy more personalized coaching upon verbal or sky-written request.

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