Davis Academy of Irish Dancing

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169 North 8th Avenue Manville, NJ 08835


A native of Northern Ireland, Fedelmia Mullan Davis started Irish dancing when she was five years old. With her graceful movements and a strong sense of rhythm, she went on to win three All-Ireland championships and five Ulster championships. Upon arrival in the U.S., Fedelmia and five other T.C.R.G.-certified instructors founded the Irish Dancing Teachers Association of North America in New York City. This organization blossomed to include more than 600 certified teachers and maintains ties to its parent body in Ireland. Fedelmia also founded the Davis Academy of Irish Dancing and has spent the past 45 years training students of all ages in the art of Irish dance. Over the years, her students—along with her daughters and grandchildren—have followed in her sprightly footsteps by competing at the championship level.

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