A-Swing Golf Academy

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    Up to 91% Off Martial-Arts Fitness Classes
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    Up to 60% Off a Kids' Gymnastics Camp
    Coral Springs
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3011 Rock Island Road Margate, FL 33063


With state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, the professional instructors at A-Swing Golf Academy develop lesson plans that make swing improvement fun and, most importantly, functional. Their approach to instruction aims to instill fundamentals in all skill areas, including full strokes, chips, slapshots, and putts. During lessons and swing-analysis sessions, the golf gurus employ the technological intricacies of a high-speed video camera to capture a player's unique swing motion and identify unfavorable tendencies.

Golf pros also follow students onto the course for playing lessons, in which they coach the intangibles of course management, risk assessment, and subtle intimidation tactics such as grunting during an opponent's backswing or teeing up with a rusty nail and glass eyeball.

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